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Practicing "International Law"

For an overivew of what international law means and advice for current students on preparing for a career in global law firms, see

Ideas for Current LL.M. and J.D. Students

The SEC is advertising its advanced commitment program, which allows those who will graduate next spring to start working for the SEC as law clerks until they pass the bar, when they will be promoted to Attorney-Advisor. Click here for more details. This could be a great opportunity for someone interested long-term in private practice to get some strong securities experience after graduation..

Ideas for Law School Grads with Deferred Start Dates:

If you are among the group of students who have had their law firm start date deferred with an annual small stipend, you are now wondering what to do with the coming year. While there are an amazing number of public interest jobs out there where you might spend a year, I will start to compile a list of potential plum internships here, for your consideration. Please note, I do not represent any of these organizations, but instead, am just collecting these ideas as a public service.

The White House Internship Program - While we may have visions of White House interns as undergrad students, the White House is happy to consider recent graduates of professional school who are U.S. Citizens for their internship program. Click here for more details.

Vacancies in International Organizations - This site (click here), prepared by the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations, has links to both permanent and internship positions in all the international organizations in one easy place. Browsing through the list of international organizations, you are likely to find organizations you would not immediately think of and the links go directly to the hiring pages. Note that in some of these organizations, interns have to be a citizen of a member state of the organization. However, check the lists carefully. For example, many non-African countries are members of the African Development Bank.


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