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Using a Headhunter

Choosing the right person to represent you in your legal search can be a difficult experience, especially when you are fielding many calls from different headhunters. You should strive to find a headhunter who:

1) treats you like a person, not a commodity
2) can offer you set appointments at flexible hours to check in and give you updates on where your resume has gone
3) commits to coach you through the interviewing process, not only improving your materials, but also preparing you for the interview
4) whose commitment to you does not end simply because you received an offer, but who helps you make decisions between your offers, offers advice on notifying your current employer, and continues to coach you until you are settled in your new position
5) represents you as well as or better than you would represent yourself

As an independent headhunter, I have no quotas to make and treat each of my candidates as an individual. I strive to offer a personalized, tailor-made experience.


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